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It's just the inspiration you need to get you through the week!


is deeply rooted in her ability to connect with herself.

But with my career, my goals, my man, my family, my constant to-do's and all these kids (LOL), where do women find time to connect?

Hi! I'm Quadeera Teart, Creative Coach for women, Brand Engineer, Public Speaker and MOM to 2 beautiful queens in the making! Over the last decade I've coached over 150 women business owners and creatives to successfully start and expand businesses and signature events, while fund raising over $150,000 for youth programs in Miami as a Brand & Marketing Coach. I have over 50,000 hours of experience meditating. I have always used meditation and intuition as my primary tool for teaching women how to take a dream from nothing to something.

I speak to over 2,000 women every year on how to market, brand & expand with intuition as the guide and how to live an intuitive-led life using simple tools like meditation and visioning. Throughout my career I've had the pleasure of partnering with companies like Microsoft, Women In Media Global, Dream Girl, the movie, and Digital Grass Innovation & Technology to name a few. What I want you to know is I know women!

I listen to women's problems for a living. I know our deepest pains in business, relationships, parenting and just walking down the street. 

After a much needed break to have my 2nd daughter, I am finally ready to share my spiritual box of tools with women like you. I've been using this tool box in my one-to-one strategy sessions for years and watching magic happen before my very eyes. I am confident that my box of spiritual goodness will help shape you into a strong & confident woman, business owner, and/or mom leading you to manifest the deepest of your desires and soul.

Let the journey begin! Start coaching with me today...


who you are!

Watch this message for a little inspiration and motivation to shift from where you are to where you want to be. Sometimes we just need to remember who the F we are! 


the environment for change.

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Do you struggle to stay on track in your spiritual practice and you know it's affecting your life and business?

Do you feel greatness is part of your destiny, but you feel like something is blocking you from achieving it?

If you are a female entrepreneur or creative who love's the "aha's" of life, but you need help putting those aha's into action, this membership is for you.

If you love discovering new things about yourself, the Universe, business, and #teambestself, this membership is for you.

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Do you want to meditate but you get stuck in the details, fall asleep every time you try, or feel like you're just not doing it right?

This is the course that will help you feel confident in your practice and help you build an awareness of spiritual strength to succeed in anything.

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Women are strong, confident, courageous, brave & loving beings...always have been and always will be, sometimes we just need a little reminder.

My Sunday mornings were made for


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