You're like, I know this, but how Sway!

I've been doing all the things, but it's just not poppin' off the way I know it can.

I'm always on social media, but it just ain't translating to dollars in my bank account.

I know you've taken tons of courses and masterclasses but this free Masterclass gives you the exact process necessary to create sellable and scalable content to reach all the people in your target audience and grow your business.


It doesn't matter what you do.

It doesn't matter what you sell.


  • Books 

  • Online courses

  • Yoga

  • Taxes

  • Skincare

  • Educational Products

  • Whatever

There's a way to package yourself that attracts the clients and customers you truly desire and deserve. (We're about to get real ratchet for a minute, so hol' up, we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming in a minute.)


Girl, we are soooooo done with them customers that only be wanting to pay you $9.99 and still give you problems. Uh-uh. No. We done with her and them. Okkk? Ok!


Moving on...

You deserve to be paid exactly what you're worth without stress and overselling. You're going to have to work, but there's a way to design that work so that you can find joy and adventure in creating and making money.

Join me, Quadeera Teart—entrepreneur, Brand Engineer, content creator and experience curator—for a FREE CLASS on how to Un-Humble Your Genius to create bomb ass content that sells and scales.

In this Masterclass, you will learn my processes for:

  • Tapping into your true genius

  • How we use your genius to craft your most powerful offer

  • How to create content like a genius that speaks to the soul of your audience

  • How to rise above social media burnout and posting fatigue

  • My step-by-step system to crafting a content marketing plan unique to your company that sells and scales

  • How to let your content do the talking while you do the walking (making that money!)

  • How to package your story so customer say "Oooohhhh! Yaaassss! This is exactly what I want, sign me up!"

  • The mindset required to scale

  • AND it ain't no fun if the business homey's can't have none, so share this class with a friend


When you attend the masterclass you might get the chance to sit in the hot-seat with Q. Tell her all about your business. How much you charge. Who you serve. All that! And then she'll identify the genius offer you haven't been able to pinpoint on your own PLUS give you a plan to sell it and scale it. We're talking price points and all.

Although women are doing some dynamic thangs in life and business, our confidence is still shaky, (I ain't makin' that up, it's in the data!) but that's why we're here to boost you up, challenge your self-esteem (in a positive way) and provide you with the ideas, tools and resources to unhumble that genius within, sell, sell, sell and scale like it's nobody's business.

Feeling like a scorned entrepreneur? Feel like you've heard it all and this is just another masterclass with a sales pitch at the end? Maybe you think you just don't have what it takes, like the team or the money, the time or the right amount of followers and connections. If this is you, then I know you'll love this class. We're coming with real solutions and guidance to help you sell that offer and scale that offer, using the genius power within.

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Should You Attend This Class?

You're really asking us if you should set aside one hour out of your life to learn how to sell and scale your genius?

As my high school bff used to say, Ahhhh...yeah oK!

If you answer yes to any of the following, then the answer is a loud ass HELL YEAH, of course my G!

You are tired of feeling social media burnout, overwhelm and frustration when posts you worked days and nights on only get 1 like. (That's the worst feeling in America.)

You're tired of working on content day and night to have one person or worse, NO ONE, purchasing any of your products or services.

You would love to figure out how to work smarter, not harder on your content and have your company's income reflect your efforts.

You want a system to sell and scale your offers that gives you more time and freedom to do what you're genius at.

You want to hang with an inspiring, spiritual, thought-provoking home-girl on a mission and willing to do the work to get results.

You're like F-it Q, I just wanna be rich and recognized already. (Don't feel guilty about it, that's what you want and deserve girl!) 

You said HELL YEAH to one, or more, of those statements? Get excited because this *FREE CLASS* is most definitely for you. Click the button to get in!


Right now is the perfect time for you to...

  • Do boss shit (practice makes habits)

  • Put million dollar systems in place (ahh, how else we gon' manifest it, duh, lol)

  • Behave like the million dollar bad ass you're becoming (even if you don't have the money to match it yet)

Women are kicking ass across the globe, but still suffer in silence with owning their power, creativity and finances. 

We're from the school of Rachel Rodgers over here and we too believe that all women should be millionaires, own shit and be the leading lady of her own life.

The one thing we always like to remind current and future clients of, is in the midst of seeming chaos or tragedy, someone is prospering. The key is to follow the trail, the clues inside of you. Those nudges and ideas did not speak to you in vain. They have purpose and we're going to teach you how to trust it to grow in a real way.

You were born with answers to someone else's questions. 

Which means, you were born with the keys to millions, billions, all things prosperous and abundance right inside of you.

It's time to wake up that sleeping giant and unhumble your genius, with your most powerful creations yet.


Are you ready to sell and scale using your internal powers, external assets and proven processes?

About Quadeera Teart

Brand Engineer. Content Creator. Experience Curator. Founder of ManifestHer Summit and CEO of ManifestHer Media & Marketing, LLC.

Quadeera started her career in marketing and branding at the age of 8 when her parents decided to open a family business on a shoe string budget, putting Quadeera in charge of all things marketing and design.

By 10 years old, Quadeera was making flyers, graphics, brochures handbooks and business cards for the family business and friends.

With the birth of her first daughter in 2008, she felt a nudge from the universe calling her to do more with her life. Still in her 20's, she began coaching women in their late 40's and 50's who were ready to make business dreams their permanent realities.

Helping women start businesses was cool, but they needed to know how to market them online, so she started a social media and branding agency and let the pull to help women in business grow her from there.

Today you can find her teaching brand and marketing strategies, content ideas, mindset and life-changing belief systems to rock your business with organizations like AARP, Walker's Legacy, Women In Media Global, the Microsoft Store, Dream, Girl, the movie and Digital Grass Innovation & Technology.


You might even catch her speaking center stage with powerful women like former editor-in-chief of Ebony Magazine, Harriet Cole and TV Personality and Entrepreneur, Yandy Smith-Harris or leading powerful content transformations for celebrity non-profits such as Honey Shine, Inc.

Her mission is to help women, especially women of color, upgrade their beliefs and increase visibility for scalability. 

"As I continue my work as a Content Creator, CEO and mom, I seek to create and collaborate on projects that raise the vibration of my family, community and the world. I am one, but through my work I touch many."