You're like, I know this, but how Sway!

What if I told you you could start reaching some of those folks in a matter of 30 days...

YES GIRL, in only 30 days.

The problem is, you've been trying to piece everything together instead of getting all the deets you need in one place. Straight up, right up front, let me just tell you this, the only thing this course does not cover in regards to your launch is Facebook Ads.


It doesn't matter what you do.

It doesn't matter what you sell.


  • Books 

  • Online courses

  • Yoga

  • Taxes

  • Skincare

  • Educational Products

  • Whatever



You can get yourself and your company out there in 30 days or less, start generating income, leveraging your visibility and generating the income your intuition told you was possible. (We're about to get real ratchet for a minute, so hol' up, we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming in a minute.)


And listen, I'm not talking about putting yourself out there quickly, just to put something out there, under pricing and over working for $9.99 just to say I launched. HELL NO! F THAT! I'm talking about launching like a spiritual bad ass with all of your knowingness about how worthy you are...with your whole spiritual squad behind you, in front of you and on the side of you pulling you into the highest possible vision for your life and your business. That's what we on over here in these manifesther streets. Okkk? Ok!


Moving on...

You are worthy and capable and let's admit it, the reason you over here in her business and his business is because you are scared to look at your own business. What if you do something wrong? What if you say the wrong thing? 


In my course, I teach how to pull the story, the brand, those authentic money making ideas from your soul, so you don't have to second guess yourself. You're going to have to work, but there's a way to design that work so that you can find joy and adventure in creating and making money.

Join me, Quadeera Teart—entrepreneur, Brand Engineer, content creator and experience curator—for ManifestHer Launch, a 30-day program to help you launch, sell and scale.

In this program, you will learn my processes for:

  • ManifestHer Mindset for Money & Success - developing the mindset required to manifest, sell and scale; priming yourself for success

  • ManifestHer Steps a step-by-step launch list, complete with to-do's and timelines including how to set up a masterclass, email sequences, setting your price and more

  • Landing page template with copy (must be edited to fit your niche) - Wix templates available for service providers, public figures, product based businesses like t-shirts, skin care, etc.

  • Content CreateHer Tools - my complete list of creator tools needed to launch, why and when, so your content can do the talking while you do the walking

  • Weekly Content ChallengeHers - create content for your launch while competing to win prizes

  • My TeachHer Sheets  for social media captions and emails (kinda like cheat sheets, but I just hate calling them that, because you're not cheating, it's me giving you the information you need to level-up and win)

  • ManifestHer Launch Facebook Group access for real time feedback and beta-testing on content you create as well as your products and/or services;  built in accountability

  • Storytellher - the formula for telling compelling stories on social media

  • AND it ain't no fun if the business homey's can't have none, so share this program with a friend who's just as serious about hers as you are


When you enroll in the program, get access to my private monthly group Zoom for ManifestHers. You might get selected to sit in our Ultimate ManifestHer seat, where you tell me all about your business., any problems you're experiencing and get LIVE solutions you can implement over the next 7-days for a manifesting breakthrough. We can talk about how much you charge, who you serve...All that!

This program is not designed for new businesses, it's designed for new ideas or ideas that need fresh energy around them. Even if your company has been in existence for quite some time, but you or your team are looking to generate new energy and bring a new idea to life, this is the program to help you do it!

Feeling like a scorned entrepreneur? Feel like you've heard it all and this is just another program full of fluff with nothing tangible received in the end. NOPE! This program has been designed with the proven process to launch and a decade of experience behind it.

My Launch Website Masterclass Background Or PDF For Unhumble Your Genius (Website) (1).png

Should You Enroll In This Program?

Are you in a space in your life or business where radical change is required and you're willing to do the hard work and stay committed to this 30-day process? 

If you answered yes to the question above or any of the following, then the answer is a loud ass HELL YEAH, of course my girl!

Have you been trying to launch for awhile and your ideas, products, services aren't going anywhere? Then HELL YEAH, this is for you, but this will be your time to buckle down and do the damn thang.

You're not at a place where you can hire someone to do it all for you and you know you need accountability and a step-by-step list to get it done?

You like detailed, step-by-step action plans? You like copy+paste with minimal changes required?

You want a system to sell and scale your offers that gives you more time and freedom to do what you're genius at.

You want to hang with an inspiring, spiritual, thought-provoking home-girls while you're on this mission, who are also willing to do the work to get results.

You're like F-it Q, I just wanna be rich and recognized already. (Don't feel guilty about it, that's what you want and deserve girl!) 

You said HELL YEAH to one, or more, of those statements? Get excited because this manifesting program is most definitely for you. Get on in here girl, sign up below.

Things To Know

I've launched versions of this program over the last 10 yrs, but this is the latest and greatest, most up to date version of my 30 days to launch program for female entrepreneurs and business owners. It includes new scripts, templates and lists with updated techniques and creator tools you'll want to sell and scale.

This program kicks off Sunday, October 17th, 2021.

I designed this program just in time for the holidays, so you won't miss out on the profitable holiday rush and can start your 2022 off with a clear vision and money in your purse.

YES! This program was designed for you to complete in 30 days, however you will have access to the program material for life. We encourage you to participate in real time so that you can ACTUALLY manifest your launch. The promise is in your willingness to show up and do the work. Commitment is a requirement.

Your willingness to commit will leave you with newly formed positive habits, marketing and branding know-how as well as a knowledge of systems and processes to help you launch, sell and scale again and again.

After enrolling you will be sent an email with your login information to the course site, Facebook links and more, so use your best email.


Right now is the perfect time for you to...

  • Do boss shit (practice makes habits)

  • Put million dollar systems in place (ahh, how else we gon' manifest it, duh, lol)

  • Behave like the million dollar bad ass you're becoming (even if you don't have the money to match it yet)

Women are kicking ass across the globe, but still suffer in silence with owning their power, creativity and finances. 

We're from the school of Rachel Rodgers over here and we too believe that all women should be millionaires, own shit and be the leading lady of her own life.

The one thing I always like to remind current and future clients of, is in the midst of seeming chaos or tragedy, someone is prospering. The key is to follow the trail, the clues inside of you. Those nudges and ideas did not speak to you in vain. They have purpose and we're going to teach you how to trust it, organize and grow in a real way.

You were born with answers to someone else's questions. 

Which means, you were born with the keys to millions, billions, all things prosperous and abundance right inside of you.

So why do you keep waiting to launch?

There's never going to be a better time than right now.


Yes sis...You are capable of launching with your:


  • current resources,

  • current following and

  • current circumstances.

You ain't manifesting nothing, unless you take some freakin' action tho'! So let's go...

Are you finally ready to sell and scale using YOUR internal powers, external assets and proven processes?

About Quadeera Teart

Brand Engineer. Content Creator. Experience Curator. Founder of ManifestHer Summit and CEO of ManifestHer Media & Marketing, LLC.

Quadeera started her career in marketing and branding at the age of 8 when her parents decided to open a family business on a shoe string budget, putting Quadeera in charge of all things marketing and design.

By 10 years old, Quadeera was making flyers, graphics, brochures handbooks and business cards for the family business and friends.

With the birth of her first daughter in 2008, she felt a nudge from the universe calling her to do more with her life. Still in her 20's, she began coaching women in their late 40's and 50's who were ready to make business dreams their permanent realities.

Helping women start businesses was cool, but they needed to know how to market them online, so she started a social media and branding agency and let the pull to help women in business grow her from there.

Today you can find her teaching brand and marketing strategies, content ideas, mindset and life-changing belief systems to rock your business with organizations like AARP, Walker's Legacy, Women In Media Global, the Microsoft Store, Dream, Girl, the movie and Digital Grass Innovation & Technology.


You might even catch her speaking center stage with powerful women like former editor-in-chief of Ebony Magazine, Harriet Cole and TV Personality and Entrepreneur, Yandy Smith-Harris or leading powerful content transformations for celebrity non-profits such as Honey Shine, Inc.

Her mission is to help women, especially women of color, upgrade their beliefs and increase visibility for scalability. 

"As I continue my work as a Content Creator, CEO and mom, I seek to create and collaborate on projects that raise the vibration of my family, community and the world. I am one, but through my work I touch many."