Abundance for Lunch kicks off with Erica V. Knowles | Founder of Collective Drift

With so much going on in the world right now, it can be difficult to feel joyful and see opportunity, but I believe, even in a sea of overwhelm, anger and hatred, there are still things to be grateful for. As long as you have life you have abundance.

I wanted to remind people of all the joy and opportunities surrounding us everyday, so I created a brand new Instagram LIVE series titled, Abundance for Lunch. This IGTV series interviews female powerhouses, thought leaders and experts from an array of industries to reveal the infinite abundance waiting to be discovered in our everyday lives.

Abundance for Lunch will LIVE stream every Thursday @12PM @quadeerateart on Instagram. We're kicking off the streaming with a very special first guest, Erica Vernet Knowles | Founder & Producer @CollectiveDrift. I chose Ms. Knowles to be my first guest because I believe in her mission and her unique world perspective. She believes in creating opportunities for women and transforming empty spaces into diversely rich bastions where women can connect, explore and empower each other. I don't think I could get a better example of abundance in action than that.

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Her media company, Collective Drift, highlights 100 women annually from across the globe and shares them with the world through a series of published articles, an annual event and her Journey of 1000 Women book series. Her travel stories are intriguing and delightful. She's a must know woman you need to collaborate and/or partner with to produce your next cultural event. Where most folks see lack, she sees abundance, it's how she's traveled to several countries and continues to inspire women with the stamps on her passport and resume.

Quadeera Teart is the Create Abundance & Self-Development Coach and Speaker helping women & moms remember who they are to become strong & confident leaders in our community.

She uses meditation as a tool to help women feel confident and strong as they develop the powerful leader within.

"Women are strong, confident, courageous, brave & powerful beings...always have been and always will be, sometimes we just need a little reminder." www.QuadeeraTeart.com

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