For Daughters Without Fathers On Father's Day

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This meditation is for the girls inside of the woman seeking to come forth as her whole, full, complete self.

Today is fathers day, a day of celebrating the masculine energy around the world, but many of the little girls inside of grown women are hurting, hurting because they feel empty, lack, and like they are without.

This sense of missing something, of a false incompletion may be forcing your masculine energy to work in overdrive.

Masculine energy is seen as a source of ultimate strength, confidence, protection, an idea that it cannot be broken.

But remember for every action, there is a reaction and Masculine energy needs regeneration too. Because you feel like Youre missing something your masculine energy works in overdrive, iit’s why some days you wake up feeling more tired and exhausted than normal. Masculine energy does not function well without it’s feminine counterpart, by design.

In the quiet of pain, sits answers, if we listen. This exhaust and belief that you have to do it all is the call of your feminine energy asking you to reconnect with her, urging you to find solace in her, because while the masculine energy does the divine work and the heavy lifting, it goes to the feminine energy field for divine protecting, nurturing, infinite growth and unyielding prosperity.

It is your feminine energy that does the healing, but she moves quietly and strategically awaiting the right time to enlighten you.

This is that time dear sister.

The time has come for you to release the idea that you are unsafe and unprotected and affirm the truth of your existence.

I am safe

I am protected

I am guided

Feminine energy has come to help you place down your shield, your walls, for just a moment and allow the silence to speak to you for just a moment.

Your masculine energies are powerful, but your beauty is transcendental when they work together. Together they cover you in wisdom, abundance, confidence and all that God is. They compliment each other to create you...a whole, complete woman, perfectly balanced and aligned.

Together, they fill the void that that you are not enough.

In your mind, I want you to picture what feminine energy looks like for you...invite feminine energy in with a mere thought

See yourself petting a beautiful puppy.

Marveling at the wonders of children.

Rubbing rich creamy and luscious lotion all of your body

Giving yourself a hug

It might just be a feeling

Allow her to radiate through and shower you with gifts of kindness and the opportunity to lay your sword down and know that you are still protected and loved and enough

It is in the softness of feminine energy the greatest and most powerful work is completed. Feel her, see her, know her and know that you always have been, always will be, and always are enough.

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