Life's Little Aha's

Girl, I just had to share this...So, Friday was a busy day. I had meeting after meeting, with a baby on my arm the whole time, and breastfeeding in between. (Yes, when I have to, I take children to meetings. If Michelle Obama, can go to a job interview with her daughters and give them that black mama talk, so they know to behave... I can do it too!)#BlackGirlMagic

Every meeting had a powerful and spiritual message just for me, which I just had to come share with you. Hopefully, it will impact you just as much as it impacted me.

Meeting #1

Our intention was to come together to talk goals and impact. She shared, I shared, and the call basically ended with her wanting to invest in a national project I'm working on for a company I started at the end of last year. This was not what I was expecting, it's not what we were speaking about, but it ended up here, because we created a space to share what really matters to both of us.


  • If you want to spread the message, and make an impact (and the money) don't be afraid to share what you are passionate about... AUTHENTICALLY!

  • One of the major reasons we have not is because we ask not and we focus on what other people are gonna think of us.

Meeting #2

I'd asked a colleague turned friend to meet me for coffee, because I really needed some guidance on how to approach and pitch an idea to a national non-profit. I already knew the top persons, but wanted more clarity and insight about what is important to the company right now. We talked weight loss, a little bit of politics, race relations, and then we talked dreams, NOT BUSINESS, but dreams. I shared my vision with her, and she told me how to go about it. She gave me the confidence that her higher ups would be interested.


  • There are so many people ready to go to bat for you! There are people out there ready and willing to guide you, support you, and share with you if you just ask.

  • Sometimes, we're just missing that one thing to pop off and we know someone with the insight we need, but we are so afraid to ask, invest, or take that next step.

  • Write down a list of what you want, who you know, and connect the dots.

Remember:"When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." - Paulo Coelho

  • Email them, call them, invite them to coffee, fly them out, whatever you gotta do, and the Universe will step up to give you even more.

Meeting #3

It's been on my vision board and goals list to work with a tea company for about 2 years now. Yesterday, I had a meeting with an up and coming tea company looking for a content curator and social media management company. At the end of the meeting she gushed about my proposal, and pretty much brought me on board. As we are walking out to our cars, the Universe slapped me and said,"It doesn't always show up the way you think it should show up, but it always shows up!"

Out of nowhere I realized, that the opportunity presented to me was greater than the tea company I had envisioned for the past 2 years. I realized that not only was I working with a tea company now, I was working from the ground level up, and this would allow me to use all of the strategy and ideas I'd been preparing for 2 years. What made this opportunity better than I even imagined... the founder is also a mom! She understands my life and gets my work ethics.


And to top off my whole day, I won a competition with @VanessaJamesMedia (#brandcrush), for a 1-hour LEVEL UP YOUR BRAND strategy session. This comes at a perfect time, as I am positioning my companies in different markets. Position yourself around those who are doing what you do at a higher level, to keep you inspired and connected.

Take-away from the entire day:

  • Do not worry about outcomes.

  • Hold your position and trust that the Universe is always working out what you need, who you need, and how you need it.

  • The signs are all around you.

  • You are already positioned.

  • Meditate and observe your position to become aware of hidden growth opportunities.

  • And start taking the Universe up on its offers and watch that #BlackGirlMagic happen. 

2019 is going to be your sweetest year yet!


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