The Universe Has Your Front, Back, Side & Your Edges

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

The universe has your front, back, side and your edges??? It's true!

When my youngest daughter was around 3 months old the high of being a new mom began to wear off, so I tried doing things to my hair to boost my self esteem. I’ve always been a very low maintenance hair-care type of woman, but to boost my self-esteem I tried new hairstyles and new products. I didn’t think for one moment that I was damaging my hair in the process.

My edges started disappearing.

One day I looked at a picture of myself with my daughters and noticed that my edges were falling out. I was super-shocked, because I’ve never had a problem with my edges in all 37 years of my life.

I know you're probably wondering what was the root cause of all this? Read on...

I‘ve always had very thin hair, so I attribute it to the close-to-my-edges braided hairstyles I was trying out along with an edge control a lot of folks rave about. It all happened so fast I didn’t even notice it, nor did I know what to do or how to grow them back. It only took 3 months postpartum for these products and hair styles to snatch my fully grown edges out.

The good news is that I was able to successfully grow them back. Here’s what I did…

I laid off the edge control and went back to my low maintenance hair care routine, which was pretty much an everyday wash with conditioner and a vinegar wash and hair mask on Self-Care Sundays. My edges began to grow back on their own, but not quite the same as before. I told myself I didn’t know what to do about it, but something would happen and I left it alone.

Fast forward two years, I received an email from a company asking me to give their product for edges a try. I was like man the universe really does have my back, front, side AAAND my edges, lol. The company was Edge Naturale and they have a product called Follicle Enhancer specifically for natural edges. I took a look at the ingredients which had several natural oils like Jojoba and Peppermint Oil, so I decided to give it a try.

I started to see growth after just seven days of using the product, so I decided to test it out on a hereditary bald spot in the middle of my head also. It’s not bald yet, but the hair is very thin and I can actually touch the scalp. Most of the women in my family have thinning hair in this area.

I have to admit I was happy my edges were growing back, but I was super impressed when the hair in the middle of my head began to thicken up and fill in.

The journey doesn’t stop there though.

Next, I decided to try it on my two-year old. I began putting it on the back of her head, because that’s where she lacks rapid hair growth. We’ve definitely seen a vast improvement in the hair on the back of her head as well; to the point where I can actually grip and braid the hair on the back of her head now.

Here's what I want you to know about hair and self-care...

#theuniversehasyourback & your edges.

1- Be careful with edge control products. If you use too much of it and don’t care for your hair properly, especially those edges, you run the risk of losing them. (And I know you don’t want that!)

2- Keeping your edges moisturized with a product like Edge Naturale’s Follicle Enhancer can bring those edges back to life, like it did for me and my daughters.

3- I know it sounds extreme and crazy, but remember, the universe really does have your front back, side and all those spaces in between, EVEN your edges!

No matter what your goal in life, even a goal like growing out your edges: know what you want, set the intention for it, do what you can do and let the universe do the rest. You got this girl!

Quadeera Teart is a Self-Development, Intuitive Brand & Meditation Coach for women and mom entrepreneurs ready to align, increase and attract more business, joy & abundance into their everyday lives. Sign up for her FREE 21-day meditation challenge to create a life you love here.

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