Dealing With Pain On Mother's Day

The truth of the matter is Mother's Day sucks for some of us. As I lay here in bed, I began to think about the different experiences people are having when it comes to Mother's Day...

·never knew your mother

·mom passed

·mom dealing with children no longer living

·single struggling mom who doesn't feel good about herself ( i knew this one well)

·a mom with a whole family who feels under appreciated

·a mom or children holding grudges

·a woman unable to have children the traditional way

·and the list could go on

There are people sitting around today, feeling sad, incomplete, and at a loss.

The truth is I love my family and my family loves me, but idk what or if they're going to give me, or do anything for me today...I just don't have the kind of future-husband who thinks these things through! 😄 I can either sit around feeling sad, angry, or emotional with his ass all day...waiting for something to happen, ooooooorrr I can set my intention and create the space for myself. (He always gets the hint after that anyway, lol!)

Before him I was a single mom who got annoyed with my daughter's father for not thinking to even buy me a card, smh.

Business, new mommyhood, this relationship and overall life have taught me so much. I've grown so much over these past few years that things like that don't rattle me the same.

These are my most sincerest tips to help you transition through the pain of today, or any pain:

·feel how you feel,

·then write down what you have now that you are grateful for (anything and everything),

·identify what will bring you joy today and go do it without waiting on anyone,

·and while you're doing it, take a picture.

The picture is to remind you of what it looks like to hold sacred space for yourself!

Things hurt us, but it's how we deal/heal that will move us forward into our next chapter. 

There's pain all around us, but there's beauty in all of it!

It'd be so dope if you tagged me on IG in your adventures today. (And check out my stories.)

Let the dream find you by keeping your vibes high!!

Happy Mother's Day my gyal, your mothering spirit is mothering someone and you ain't even know it. 😘

(Please forgive me for all grammatical errors. This email was typed on my phone on a lazy Sunday morning😜.)

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