In My Ancestors Footsteps | Happy Juneteenth Weekend

A couple of months ago I had an awakening. I awakened to a deeper connection with my ancestors. My Black ancestors had been pulling on me for quite some time with subtle messages, but this day they showed up loud and proud to tell me that laziness and procrastination was not an option.

As soon as my foot hit the pavement for my daily walk/run my ancestors started whispering.

I was listening to a meditation I'd just finished recording titled Bodywerk. In this meditation I guide listeners into the silence, giving the body an opportunity to rest and retreat. As I listened to the meditation it occurred to me that everyday I show up in my walk/run, I show up with an attitude of receiving instead of giving.

This revelation brought an onset of goosebumps and I knew God was present. I knew I'd opened up a portal for God almighty to reach me and say loud and clear what it'd been whispering in the weeks before. The words I heard next were nothing short of amazing, miraculous, and powerful.

I caught glimpses of Martin, Rosa, Nina and random faces that I don't know, but I could tell my soul knew them. The visions came with an audible energy, and it said, "What if we showed up to receive instead of give. We walked for you, and now you walk for us." My Black ancestors sacrificed themselves, so I wouldn't have to endure their same pain. They were attacked, so I wouldn't be. They were imprisoned, so I wouldn't be. They were raped, so I wouldn't be. They did the unthinkable, so I wouldn't even have to think about it.

I give to my body, because my ancestors gave of their body. I take care of myself, I educate myself, I work hard in my businesses in remembrance of the sacrifices they made for me. I sit in the silence to know them all, so that I may know myself and be guided in the right direction. My ancestors in America were attacked by dogs in the streets, treated like they were less than human beings, kept from basic rights and mentally poisoned with ideas of poverty, lack and limitation.

They were purposely poisoned to forget who they were beyond America and forced to focus on surviving, removing them from their truth of their infinite and royal nature.

My ancestors were strong in Spirit, but the masters of fear used various tactics and strategies to communicate messages of struggle and shame, making my Black ancestors the targets of oppression. Strategies included laboring in cotton fields, and distracting them with physical pain like whips, rapes, lynchings and religion. It was extremely hard for them to not only re-connect with the Spirit I call God, but to also re-connect with the Spirit of our homeland. By design, my Black ancestors served unjust life sentences for generations.

They were robbed of their entire truth limiting them to memories of their existence to a land called the United States of America. This audible energy said, you think you show up on these walk/runs for yourself, but you show up for us. They said, you better show up on your yoga mat and meditation rug; as a mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend, for all of the ones who wore the crowns before you. Laziness is not an option.

My Black ancestors did things I'll never have to do, so I honor them and I celebrate them by taking care of myself, my family, my community and the world, with love and guidance using the divine strength and confidence God gives me. In the silence is where I get to redirect my attention from worldly distraction to the abundance and prosperity emerging from the divine crown given to me in the spirit.

The world will remember their names and honor their spirits and souls because I am here.

Quadeera Teart is the Create Abundance & Self-Development Coach and Speaker helping women & moms remember who they are to become strong & confident leaders in our community.

She uses meditation as a tool to help women feel confident and strong as they develop the powerful leader within.

"Women are strong, confident, courageous, brave & powerful beings...always have been and always will be, sometimes we just need a little reminder."

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