Spirit Said Get A Chauffer

This weekend delivered a rare opportunity...An opportunity to observe and become intimate with my thoughts.

See... I'm a mom of a 10 year old and a 7 month old, a caregiver, somebody's boo, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a serial entrepreneur, and a woman (if you hadn't noticed 😃.) My titles keep me busy, but my titles can also keep me from having any ME time, if I let them, so I intentionally carve out time for ME wherever I can. 

I sat in the back seat with the kids while my bf drove us home from the airport. I began to do what we all do, social media surf! I found myself gawking at the success of others and deeply desiring for it to be my turn... because no matter what I seem to achieve, lol, I always want more. #storyofmylife 😲

Slowly a voice tip toes in and whispers Quadeera, it IS your turn. The vision is coming, NO, NO, NO, it's unfolding right now...don't you see?!

I smile on the inside and outside of myself, because I know this to be true, and allow peace to take over. I think about all the clarity I've been receiving around my gifts and the surety I feel with every seeming failure, instead of disappointment, about what I am meant to do with my gifts.

Suddenly I realize that my bf's presence, in all of our beautiful chaos and family challenges, is providing a sense of peace, calm, and abundance. His presence is providing me with a rare opportunity to sit back and wander in my own thoughts 😲, with peace and calm.

Then it happens...

I have an aha moment... sometimes I need to NOT be the driver! It's okay to let someone else take the wheel. Sometimes I need to lose control or release control, to gain control of my own existence. If I don't, I'll always be moving through life at a non stop pace. #ratrace

I wonder...is that what church folk mean when they say...Jesus take the wheel. 😂 I love it!

My thoughts center on my value, worth, and what I want. I begin recounting the value I've brought to some big projects as I sit in disbelief that I would ever second guess my value and contribution.

Old ideas I never followed through with begin coming to the surface and the voice speaks up again. It spwaks in a tone that only it can, and reminds me that the only time I second guess my value is when I am not taking action on my most powerful and provocative ideas.

My vision is where my value is and every time I doubt and delay them, I decrease my value to the world and the women who need me. #preachSpiritpreach

I suddenly felt worth every penny i want to acquire. #AbundanceInAction

Lastly, the voice said to take everything in. Take in where you are, this rare opportunity, my body, my life, my growth, quiet kids 😃...EVERYTHING! Take the steps, and watch the #magic.

So with all this being said...I'm really considering a chauffeur!👀

I realized all the opportunities I may be missing, because I'm constantly driving, which metaphorically speaking means I'm in survival mode too much. If I'm always driving, I dont have time to dream and follow my dreams, because I'm too busy and focused on making it to a destination.

I hope today's email was able to provide you with comfort, joy, peace, and direction.


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