There's Nothing Wrong With You Part II (Your Mind & Ego Are Simply Doing Their Job

A critical truth I discovered in my journey to self-love and transformation, was realizing that my mind and my ego are programmed to protect me.

I first heard the acronym for ego (edging God out) from one of my first spiritual teachers, Dr. Wayne Dyer, in his book Inspiration. The mind and the ego get pretty bad reps in our new age society, but I want you to consider this... they are only following the orders you give them. If you are edging God out and turning away from love, your ego and mind are designed to support you in these efforts.

When the ego sees threats against its existence, it starts playing defense.

It believes you are under attack. The ego cannot decipher good or bad, even if the new program you are creating is going to do amazing things for you. If it senses resistance from you, its going to support that resistance.

It's going to take awhile for the mind and the ego to decipher your new practices, habits and routines as friendly and desirable. You can change by programming your mind and ego with a new code, but it only lets its guard down with discipline and consistency.

So as I was out here trying to live my best life and be the highest version of myself, ya' know... trying to eat better, sleep often, attract more money and abundance, re-launch my business, lose weight and a bunch of other to-do's, I had to hold onto the truth that there was nothing wrong with me. I constantly reminded myself that everything is working perfectly right with me and that I must continue to show up and remain consistent.

Consistency is critical to breaking habits and becoming the highest version of yourself.

One of the best reminders helping me along my journey is that I've been me my whole life. This reminder helps me put things in perspective when the journey gets hard and helps me create a space of compassion for myself. It’s for this very reason I have to constantly deny my old self access to my life and persistently affirm my new self.

Every time you deny access to the thing you no longer want, signals are sent to the mind and the ego, the more signals you send, the more they get the picture. Creating the space for affirmations is just as powerful as a denial. Affirming your new program, frequently and consistently sets off an explosion of love and the internal programs making you you begin a game of tug-of-war. Old self vs. new self. Desire is going to come. Every time you have a desire to act on the habit you're trying to get rid of, affirm the new program 10x’s more.

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I recommend repeating verbal or written affirmations 10x's when you're trying to break a habit and ground yourself in a new program. You will start out strong, but once the mind and the ego realize the war being waged against them, they will tag team the new you (the new program) with all kinds of traps and road blocks threatening their existence. The real you is always stronger than any trap, but you've got to exercise her like a muscle.

The best medicine for the new you trying to emerge is something that requires little effort on your part, sitting in the silence.

The silence is where you will find the strength and support to overpower mind, ego and your old program. Silence creates a clear path for the new program to come forward in peace. The silence presents an un-distracted opportunity to identify the mind and ego from your true self.

The quiet of your mind, body and soul is where you’ll learn to identify mind and ego in action on your behalf.

Once the mind and ego realize you no longer need protecting, they will surrender to the new program and be at rest. The mind and ego will always surrender, but don’t forget they still have access to old memories of the old program living in your soul, so if you give focus or attention to the old program, you are signaling mind and ego to go back in time.

If you're anything like me, you like to know how things work, so I hope I have given you a deeper understanding to why it can be so hard to change and that there’s nothing wrong with you, everything is all right! These truths I share helped me through my postpartum journey and continue to help me build my businesses and mom better everyday.

Protect your journey by connecting with Creative Power. Sit in the silence often and get to know the different parts of yourself, it will make it change easier, more attainable and sustainable. There's a power greater than you that's more sustainable than anything we could ever design and it's in the silence we can connect to that power for infinite support to maximize whatever we need.

If you need help or guidance on your journey of transformation or sitting in the silence, check out my digital courses Beginners Guide To Meditation & the Strong & Confident Digital Course for Women & Moms. These resources were designed to help you create consistency while attracting more strength, confidence and abundance in your everyday life.

Quadeera Teart is the Create Abundance & Self-Development Coach and Speaker helping women & moms remember who they are to become strong & confident leaders in our community.

"Women are strong, confident, courageous, brave & loving beings...always have been and always will be, sometimes we just need a little reminder."

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