The One Thing I Know For Sure

Happy New Year girl!

Oprah's always asking everyone what's the one thing they know for sure, this question weighed heavy on my heart this morning at 2 am. 

I know you're wondering, Q, why are you up at 2 AM? It's not because I was coming up with a mastermind plan or working on my business, I just simply couldn't sleep and then when I tried to go back to sleep, my 1 year old wouldn't allow it.

As I lay in the bed with my 1 year old crawling on top of my head, rolling all over my body and putting her feet in my mouth, I began to ponder upon how I got here. 

How did I end up with another baby (that makes 2 beautiful girls), in a loving relationship (that does not mean free from stuff, it just means we're willing committed to working through the stuff because of our love for one another), homeschooling my eldest while manifesting personal dreams (because I REFUSE to give up on myself), how did I get here? How did I end up in this magical yet challenged place, torn between giving to my family more than I give to myself?

Then it dawned on me, girl you are most definitely in a phase of postpartum...they say it can happen up to 2 years, sometimes even more. 

So, all of a sudden, I lay there in bed, baby's foot in my mouth, as her hands covered my eyes, (I don't know how that position works for her), with a half smile thinking... SHIIIIT... if it's one thing I know for sure, it's that LIFE IS A JOURNEY!

No one's life is perfect, yet we're all trying to live a perfect life. How many times do you hear people say, self included, "Girl, I'm just out here trying to live my best life," when what we really

mean is "Girl, I'm just out here trying to live the lives of those people I see on social media and in the magazines, because their life looks f'n perfect and I want my life to be just as perfect as their's looks for that split second."

Life is not a split second, it cannot and will not be encapsulated into one photo that took only one second to capture and last you for the rest of life.

We will not be happy 100% of the time, but the goal is to be more joyful and happy than sad, angry, or discontent.

Why am I saying this?

I'm telling you this, so that you can have a little peace or a lot of peace with where you are right here, right now, today. 

The peace we don't have is because we're focusing on what we don't have. The minute we focus our attention on what we do have, the peace becomes so refreshingly clear, quenching that desire for perfection that we have.

Listen, nothing lasts forever, everything is fleeting, up and down, and goes all around, but the good news is that peace, love, joy, money, all of it WILL come back around if we allow it. The way you BECOME anything is to just BE it! BE an embodiment of it when you can, wherever you are, however you are, and next thing you know that IS just who and what you are.

So my dear sisterfriend, if it's one thing I know for sure, it's that LIFE IS A JOURNEY and we're all on the path. Whatever your path, this part of it will pass and move on to the next part, so WELCOME to 2020! I hope the 1st month of the new year treated you well and the next 11 months will treat you even better!

Join me on my LIFE IS A JOURNEY podcast and let's figure this thing out together, all 7 billion us! LOL.


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