The Only Power We Need To Change the World Is Yours

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Everyone is asking where the Black leaders are in these trying times. I think we should be asking where are each and everyone of us. How are you showing up and leading in your everyday life? Your community needs you to fully step into the role you came here to play. You were not designed by accident, you came here to fulfill a purpose, a purpose that will benefit us all. I believe that if each one of us will connect with our purpose and fully step into our power with strength and confidence.. this is how we can shift our circumstances in the world right now.

Quadeera Teart is the Create Abundance & Self-Development Coach and Speaker helping women & moms remember who they are to become strong & confident leaders in our community.

"Women are strong, confident, courageous, brave & loving beings...always have been and always will be, sometimes we just need a little reminder."

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