is deeply rooted in her ability to connect with herself.

But with your career, goals, your man, family, constant to-do's and all these kids, LOL, where do you find the time to connect?


I created Strong & Confident Coaching for Women & Moms to provide intuitive solutions and support to women and moms who've been suffering from low self-esteem and feeling trapped by their circumstances.

It's true, women do a lot! We manage family, work & a plethora of other responsibilities that come with womanhood, leaving us with warped perceptions of reality like a lack of time to connect & care for self, let alone start a business!


So much happens to a woman when she doesn't take the time to honor herself.

We start feeling:

  • Unsupported

  • Trapped by circumstances

  • Low self-esteem

  • Like dreams are far away & unreachable

  • Low or no self-worth; worthless

  • Overwhelmed by life

  • Mentally & emotionally cluttered

  • Like we're being swallowed up by everyone else's well being

  • And let's talk about the millions we're missing out on because we just don't have the time, mental or emotional capacity to focus on what really matters to us


At an early age women are socialized to feel a deep sense of responsibility to serving others and that's okay! Just don't forget to care for self in the midst of it. Self-care is not a surface process of pedicures and face masks, it's an intuitive process of intimate connections. 


As a young woman and a mom, I didn't know how to carry responsibility, purpose, passion and womanhood. It led to many depressed days and feelings of inadequacy. Some days are still a work in progress! I was letting life get the best of me instead of me getting the best of life...until I remembered how to go inside of me to get what I wanted outside of me.

"I was letting life get the best of me, instead of me getting the best of life...until I remembered how to go inside of me to get what I wanted outside of me."

Strong & Confident Coaching for Women & Moms is an intuitive solution-based coaching  program that helps women recognize their strength and become confident and abundant in every area of their life. 

I am ready to help as many women as possible develop their strengths to be strong, abundant & confident powerhouses in our community. The stronger and more confident we become, so will our partners, family, friends & the world.

This course was designed to be accessible for any woman ready to experience the shift to strong & confident.

Early Enrollment Fee: $49

Enroll in this course between now and May 31st to receive an 80% discount off of the regular course fee of $149. (Limited to the first 50 registrants.)


Early registrants will also receive access to my Beginner's Guide To Meditation Digital Course, which is also priced at $49.

This course goes LIVE June 1st, 2020.

Regular Course Fee: $149

This is a digital course for you to complete at your own pace.

Women who enroll in this

digital course will learn how to:

  • set goals and reach them, while still managing life's responsibilities

  • learn skills that help her find balance, peace and success

  • meditate and create her own intuitive tool box to shift any circumstance

  • tap into mental & emotional clarity and stability

  • shift her business or career in the direction she desires

  • remove her abundance blocks and learn how to have intimate experiences with abundance

  • increase self esteem, decrease overwhelm, get unstuck and uncover an abundance of love for herself and the world around her.


Early Registrants will receive:​​


  • 9 virtual lessons you can complete on your own

  • 9 sets of deep dive worksheets with every lesson

  • 9 guided meditations

  • 9 affirmations

Benefits to enrolling early include:

  • 25 minute one-on-one coaching session with Q

  • private Facebook group with women also on the journey

  • LIVE virtual support via FB group

  • 2 LIVE Q&A sessions delivered via Zoom or FB LIVE in the FB group (TBD)

  • every week a new video is posted via private Facebook group, but enrollees will also have lifetime site access to the course

Enrollees registering after the early registration period will not receive these benefits, as the course will be totally digital; to be completed at one's own pace via

This course goes LIVE June 1st, 2020.

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