is deeply rooted in her ability to connect with herself.

But with your career, goals, your man, family, constant to-do's and all these kids, LOL, where do you find the time to connect?


I created Strong & Confident Coaching for Women & Moms to provide intuitive solutions and support to women and moms who've been suffering from low self-esteem and feeling trapped by their circumstances.

It's true, women do a lot! We manage family, work & a plethora of other responsibilities that come with womanhood, leaving us with warped perceptions of reality like a lack of time to connect & care for self.


So much happens to a woman when she doesn't take the time to connect & care for self.

We start feeling:

  • Unsupported

  • Trapped by circumstances

  • Low self-esteem

  • Like dreams are far away & unreachable

  • Low or no self-worth; worthless

  • Overwhelmed by life

  • Mentally & emotionally cluttered

  • Like we're being swallowed up by everyone else's well being


At an early age women are socialized to feel a deep sense of responsibility to serving others and that's okay! Just don't forget to care for self in the midst of it. Self-care is not a surface process of pedicures and face masks, it's an intuitive process of intimate connections. 


As a young woman and a mom, I didn't know how to carry responsibility, purpose, passion and womanhood. It led to many depressed days and feelings of inadequacy. Some days are still a work in progress! I was letting life get the best of me instead of me getting the best of life...until I learned how to go inside of me to get what I wanted outside of me.

"I was letting life get the best of me instead of me getting the best of life...until I learned how to go inside of me to get what I wanted outside of me."

Strong & Confident Coaching for Women & Moms is an intuitive solution-based coaching  that helps women recognize their strength and become confident and abundant in every area of their life. 

I am ready to help as many women as possible develop their strengths to be strong, abundant & confident powerhouses in our community. The stronger and more confident we become, so will our friends, families, & partners. Check the schedule and let's do a pre-interview to see if we're a match and get you to strong & confident.

Women who coach with me learn how to:

  • set goals and reach them, while still managing life's responsibilities

  • learn skills that help her find balance, peace and success

  • meditate and create her own intuitive tool box to shift any circumstance

  • tap into mental & emotional clarity and stability

  • shift her business or career in the direction she desires

  • remove her abundance blocks and have intimate experiences with abundance

  • increase self esteem, get unstuck and uncover an abundance of love for herself and the world around her.

Women who coach with me receive:

  • bi-weekly coaching

  • 2 hours of coaching per month

  • weekly meditations & exercises

  • coaching call library

  • unlimited email and text message access with a 48-hour response time

  • discounted & priority access to all coaching programs & events produced by Quadeera Teart

Women typically invest:

  • $1000 per month

  • 2 hours of dedicated time to speak with me every month

  • a minimum of 5 mins a day (30 mins wkly total) to assigned activities and/or tasks